Jack O'Brien
lives and works in London.
e: info.jackobrien@gmail.com

2011 - 2014
BA Fine Art - Kingston University

2022 Absence Makes The Heart, Curatorial Office, London
2022 Art Athena with Ginny on Frederick, Athens
2022 Something is Burning, Kunsthalle Bratislava, Slovakia
2022 Chômage Technique, Lovaas Projects, Munich
2022  I wish you a very outside, Dzialdov, Berlin

Solo / Duo Exhibitions
2022 To More Time, Lockup International, London
2022 The Influence of Emotions On Associated Reactions, with Henryk Morel (1937-68), Polamagnetczne Gallery, Warsaw
2021 Waiting For The Sun To Kill Me, Ginny on Frederick, London
2018 Chew, if only you could see. clearview.ltd, London
2018 This thing bled acid. White Cubicle, London

Selected Group Exhibitions
2022 An Insular Rococo, Hollybush Gardens, London
2022 Pennies From Heaven, London Performance Studios, London
2022 City Entwined, Paradise Row, London
2022 MELTDOWN, Ridley Road Project Space, London
2021 CRAVE, SET, London
2021 Latent Longing, Intersticio, London
2020 Sky-blue and green, V.O Curations, London
2019 You, Me and Everybody Else, One Room, London
2019 Pervilion, The Silver Building, London
2018 Unearthing, Beckys, London
2018 Strange Messengers, Peres Projects, Berlin
2018 Nous Nous Embrassons, 4Cose, London
2017 Hot Retaliations (and Other Acts of Revenge), clearview.ltd, London
2017 Mons Mensae Pavilion, London
2015 Orson Casual Open - Tank.TV, London

Curatorial Projects/Workshops
2022 Improvisation and Assemblage, (Workshop with Central Saint Martins MA Architecture)
2021 Getting Dressed, VO Curations, (Exhibition and group exercise in collaborative making, improvisation and assemblage, led by artists Jack O'Brien, Sam Cottington, Tenant of Culture and Valerie Kong.)
2018 'Read My Lips' Gran Fury, Auto Italia, (new commission from Carlos Romero. Works by Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Harley Yeung Kurylowski, Otamere Guobadia)
2017 Mons Mensae Pavilion, (Poppy Moroney, Nils Alix Tabeling, James Sturkey, Alex Padfield, Samule Nicolle, Rebecca Jagoe) Art Licks Weekend
2015 Wandering Monuments, Rafal Zajko, tank.tv
2015 On Air, Ian Giles, tank.tv
2015 New Group Materialism, (General Idea, Bernadette Corporation, Lucky PDF, AIDS3D, DIS, Hito Steyerl, Shanzhai Biennial, Debora Delmar Corp, Yuri Pattison, Auto Italia, Awol Erizku, BessNYC4), tank.tv
2015 Slimeface Emoji! - Adham Faramawy & Terry Ryu Kim, tank.tv
2015 LimescaleTea - Jos Bitelli, tank.tv
2015 Meditation United - PhilippTimischl & Sarah Ortmeyer, tank.tv
2015 Exhibition No.2 - Dora Budor, tank.tv

Ache, Presented with Queer Street Press at Paris Ass Book Fair, Lafayette Anticipations, Paris.